ACA and me: part ii

When last we left our author, she had been made into an employee of her boyfriend to help him retain his health insurance since all he could get was the state risk pool insurance, which was crappy. Due to his health history, he could not get ANY affordable individual insurance, so they became an employee group of two.

My premium was $900-and-change a month, because his priors put us in an expensive plan. He paid me a little bit on top of that and groused constantly about how much I was costing him. Meanwhile, I had given up my great little business and was handling his shit 24/7.

We went into our new two-person group in, oh, June, and by September I was utterly sick of him reminding me how expensive I was. Something new loomed, something called “Obamacare.” There was a website for this new health insurance system, a law that had passed in 2010 and was taking affect on January 1, 2014. I looked around for how to check into this new thing, and went to its website,

“Open enrollment” was coming up, which gave individuals a chance to change insurance and get into the new world.

I typed in my particulars, and it matched me with three Marketplace plans available in my state, Missouri. All were “gold,” which is a rank they were given according to their standard of care, expense, cost-sharing and subsidy availability. I was SHOCKED at how much I would pay for a “gold” plan: Less than half of what I was tied to. The BEST plan I saw was $340 for me. I WANTED IT. With a rate like that, I could “consciously uncouple” from my seriously awful subsidy of my boyfriend’s health, he could get his own damn plan, and I could possibly inch back to my own career.

I showed the plans to him, and he was unconvinced, but called his insurance broker and chatted with him (obviously as a girl, I was not invited to discuss my future). His broker came up, with him, with two plans for each of us that were Non-marketplace  but had the same gold standard and the same low rate for me. I signed in, and would soon have my own insurance back. I was excited that December. I looked forward to a 2014 of making my way back to my own job and not having to work so hard at a job only so it gave my boyfriend health insurance. He was a — nightmare. I worked every single day from Labor Day weekend, during which I painted his office top to bottom while he stood behind me, SCREAMING at me and despairing over every visible brush mark (THEY DISAPPEAR, A-HOLE), through Thanksgiving, where I huddled at his brother’s house in Atlanta redoing my boyfriend’s SEO because the company we were paying $6k a month to do that were not doing it. I worked through Christmas, I worked every single minute and I was absolutely exhausted. But this Obamacare thing, this was an excuse for me to not HAVE to do all I was doing, because I wouldn’t be fleshing out his plan and I wouldn’t be costing $1000 a month just for my benefits.

2014 was gonna be a GREAT year!



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